YouTube App not working properly?

YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform, people watch billions of hours of content every single day around the world. On occasion, YouTube goes down despite the fact Google generally does an excellent job of keeping the platform running smoothly. With so many people using one site, it is surprising that it doesn’t face more … Read more

Photos App Not Working Windows 10?

The Photo app is a tool developed by Microsoft to organise and edit your photographs, if you have Windows installed on your PC then you already have this app installed as part of the essential kit. You can import pictures and videos, upload your content, find your photographs with ease and use the basic editing … Read more

How to cancel an in app purchase

Although the majority of apps available on mobile devices are free, plenty do offer ‘in app purchases’ which are basically addons or extras that you can buy within the app once you’ve downloaded it. Some of these in app purchases can be one off, additional pieces of content or they can be an upgraded monthly … Read more

Samsung phone won’t turn on? Here’s why

There are a few reasons your Samsung phone won’t turn on, this might seem crazy, but make sure that your phone is charged. If you have charged it up to the best of your knowledge but it is still not responding my first suggestion would be to try and charge it using another wire, just … Read more

Google Play won’t update apps

At times, the update alerts grow vexing, and you decide to update them; however, something goes wrong, and Google Play fails to update the apps. If you’re having trouble updating your Android apps through Google Play, we’ve got you covered in this article. So let’s dive in. Google Play won’t update apps How to solve … Read more

Windows 10 Mail App Not Working Properly?

Windows 10 is an emailing system from Microsoft that was developed as part of their operating system. As mentioned in another article ‘Windows 10 Mail app won’t open’ the biggest problem users found with the app was that it would crash when trying to open or just wouldn’t load full stop but there are more … Read more

How to retrieve deleted emails on iPhone

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Invalid SIM Card message on Android – What to do

SIM is an abbreviation for Subscriber Identity Module. Without a functional SIM card, you will be unable to make phone calls, send text messages, or connect to the mobile network. So, as you can see, the SIM card is a key component of your phone. When your SIM card stops working or your Android phone … Read more

Netflix Android App Not Working?

Netflix, Inc. is a monthly subscription streaming platform that supplies video on demand for both film and television. This streaming platform is perhaps the best-known one of its kind with Netflix accumulating over 209 million users from all over the world. Each month the service offers new titles, recommends shows based on your preferences, previews … Read more