Netflix Android App Not Working?

Netflix, Inc. is a monthly subscription streaming platform that supplies video on demand for both film and television. This streaming platform is perhaps the best-known one of its kind with Netflix accumulating over 209 million users from all over the world.

Each month the service offers new titles, recommends shows based on your preferences, previews of upcoming content, as well as what is trending in your country. They have some of the best original titles of any streaming platform with over 40 per cent of their catalogue being shows they have created themselves.

I think everyone at some point has experienced the awful timing of the Netflix app not working mid binge of a series you just got into, am I right? So, how do we fix it when your app is not working on Android? Here we are going to check out some quick fixes, so you can get back to watching.

Netflix Android App Not Working?

What issues do we see with the Netflix app on Android? Well, some are much more common than others. They include;

  • Netflix keeps crashing when trying to boot.
  • You keep seeing Netflix Error: 12001
  • There are too many users watching Netflix.
  • You are unable to login to Netflix

The good news is that most of these different problems you may face when trying to launch Netflix do have a solution.

What is the easiest fix? Turn your phone off

Number one, turn your phone off and then turn it back on. Crazy, I know. Just try it honestly, because it can fix a lot of issues you may be having with an app.

  1. Turn off your Android phone or device by holding down the ‘Power’ button.
  2. Select the option that confirms you want to turn your phone off.
  3. Wait a minute or two.
  4. Turn on your phone or device again and wait for it to boot.
  5. Try Netflix again.

How do I restart my internet?

Another way to fix Netflix is to check, turn off or restart your network connections. This will help determine if it is you or there is a problem with Netflix in general. Streaming platforms like Netflix, take up a decent chunk of bandwidth so it is very likely you can solve your problem by resetting your unstable internet connection or by stopping any downloads you may have going on.

To test your internet connection strength you can follow these tips:

  1. Move your router to improve the signal, make sure it is not cramped up in a corner somewhere.
  2. Keep the router up off the floor so it has the maximum potential for connection strength.

To check your Wi-Fi connection:

  1. Scroll down from the ‘Home’ screen on your phone to use your quick settings.
  2. Turn off your WIFI using the signal icon on your settings.
  3. Leave for a minute.
  4. Tap the icon so it is back on and allow it to connect.
  5. Ray your Netflix app again.

To reset your home network take the following steps:

  1. Turn off your phone or device using the ‘Power’ button.
  2. Unplug your router/modem from the power and wait for 30 seconds.
  3. Plug your modem back in and wait for the lights to become solid on your modem/
  4. Turn your phone or device back on and try to boot Netflix again.

How do I clear my Netflix app data/cache?

Now, if you have tried everything else we have suggested and your app still isn’t working, you can try to clear the app data on your device. For each app, there is a collection of temporary files called cache files, this is unnecessary data that is stored to help you log into sites faster, etc. By clearing these files when your apps are malfunctioning you can get rid of any corrupt paths that may be affecting your app’s functionality. To clear these files follow the guide below;

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your phone or device.
  2. Go to ‘General.’
  3. Go to ‘ Apps.’
  4. Go to ‘Manage Apps.’
  5. Find ‘Netflix’ in the options.
  6. Go to ‘Storage.’
  7. Choose ‘Clear Data’.
  8. Choose ‘OK.’
  9. Try to boot Netflix again.

How do I reinstall the Netflix app?

If your Netflix app is still, freezing, crashing and/or buffering your last resort should always be to uninstall and reinstall the afflicted app after you have ruled out other potential issues mentioned in this article. To reinstall the Netflix app follow the process laid out below.

  1. Open the ‘App Store’ on your device.
  2. Search in the bar for ‘Netflix.’
  3. Select the Netflix option.
  4. Click ‘Install.’
  5. Once the app is installed, restart your phone.
  6. Try to boot the app, you may have to log in with your details again.


So, we have gone through a few common issues to look out for when your Netflix app is faulty. We have also considered how to rectify them should they strike when you are just getting into your new show. Hopefully, now, you are back on the couch with a brew and Netflix is back up and running for you.